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Monday, July 07, 2008

Almost surely, I didn’t get it!

You know that job I interviewed for last week? The one where I would have hired myself on the spot if I had been in charge of hiring? Looks like the company screwed me over…on Friday (yeah, that’s Friday the 4th!) they posted an ad for a “job fair” on the 12th and the 19th of this month…and the job I interviewed for is among the jobs they’re seeking employees for.

Except, the pay is HALF what I was offered through the agency, so it looks like the agency is out of the picture (my contact there had no idea they were doing a job fair).

So I’m back to square 1 – 2. Yeah, that’s –1. Hmm…working on making my resume “pretty” vs. “utilitarian”. I think resumes should be “utilitarian”, but a recruiter buddy of mine thought my resume was kind of fugly and made some suggestions. So I’m tarting it up a bit. I’ll show them!



Charles Gramlich said...

sometimes companies have to turn in ads early for jobs so maybe this is just carry over. Though the change in pay is troubling. I hope things work out.

Minda said...

I'm going to agree with Charles and say that maybe..just maybe...they haven't ruled you out. Or maybe they are looking to see if they can get some fresh out of college kid to work the job for less pay.

Clifford said...

Thanks guys, for holding out hope. I'm not up to the task. Makes it more distressing, me thinks, if it doesn't go my way...and if it should, but hey, I'm not even going to go there...the hunt continues! I didn't want that ticket out of the poor house anyway!

Wonder Man said...

Maybe things are not over yet, follow up on them

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