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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Going somewhere?


Wow, have I been remiss or what?

A friend has been writing a fascinating novella, releasing small pithy nuggets on a weekly basis. But it’s not your typical, one foot after another, type of story telling. Uh uh, not happening here. His tale of crime and passion is delivered in weekly chapters, via e-mail, to subscribers to the tale. Though “chapter” is a bit of a misnomer, as each “chapter” is really a piece of evidence (or, inadmissible details), gleaned from emails, phone records, diary entries, etc. that the prosecution is supplying the judge in the case.

How is it so far? Incredibly compelling, voyeuristically sublime, and well-worth your time. The most recent section is the 17th installment, which was released earlier this past week.

Check out http://biz-traveller.blogspot.com/ to read what’s come before and to sign up for the weekly e-mails!

Okay, back to BT…later…

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