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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why tablets rock #713

why tabets rockDuring my first tutoring session (yeah, I know, I’m still talking about it), my tutor created a flow chart for one of the programs I intend to write. As he went for paper and pen, I swiveled my tablet into slate mode, handed it to him, and asked him to sketch it out right there on the tablet.

Since I was using OneNote, with my tutor’s permission, I could have recorded our session as we worked through the logic, but I decided it wasn’t necessary as his explanations were thorough, and since I was totally engaged, I knew I would look back at it and totally get it, which I did.

By the time we were done, he told me that his next laptop was going to be a tablet. Heh. I still have faith that one day, all laptops will be tablets, and we’ll wonder how we ever got along without them. I know, I already do.

So anyway, I hope to begin actually programming this bad boy next month. With the help of my tutor, the project should be an amazing amount of fun and help me quickly gain confidence in the master plan. Today, CopyBreak, tomorrow, Word!


synergy boy said...

cool, man! yeah, i love my macbook, but boy, i'd love it even more if i could tablet it.

i think it's so cool that you're really getting into programming. what do you love most about it? what's the most fun? and are they the same?

tune in, next comment, for - well, your answers, i hope. ;)


archiwiz said...

Ahhh....another tablet convert...Good work Cliff.

Clifford said...

The tablet-enabled shall inherit the earth! Or, something like that.

Synboi, that's a great idea for a blog entry...I shall explain all, in a stream of consiousness sort of way as I figure it out myself (:

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