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Monday, July 21, 2008

I got pantsed by a ghost – how was your weekend?

So I was doing laundry when it happened. Actually, I was carrying a load of dirty laundry down the back steps to the garage when my pants slipped over the curve of my butt and feel to my ankles. That was on Friday. It happened again on Sunday.

That’s a milestone in the slow, but steady diet I’m now on. Most people would take this time to start wearing a belt. Most people. I kinda like living on the edge of embarrassment. There’s something really cool about your britches getting too big for you.

So my weekend was fairly full, but it all got eclipsed by this event(s).

P.S. It feels like I’m a month or so away from fitting the target pants. Haven’t tried them in over a month now, but I’m going to hold out until the end of August.


Carlos Ferrao said...

Pants are what you wear UNDER your trousers. Learn your English, colonial.

Clifford said...

Lol! One day you'll realize that the Internet, like everything else, is just an extension of the Unitied States benevolent and inclusive grasp, and the rest of the world is just so much noise.

Or maybe you wont (:

Pull your pants up!

archiwiz said...

Ahhh, enjoy the feeling...

And errr...britches are also underwear...

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