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Monday, July 07, 2008

R U using a tablet? Freebie alert!

If you are, and you’re reading this (ain’t you cool), I’ve got a free copy of ritePen software for you. I won it by contributing to a discussion on the software over at Gottabemobile.com. Anyway, if you’re not familiar with ritePen, you should be – it brings back a feature of the very first release of the tablet PC – Write Anywhere – which allows you to write anywhere on the screen and have your text recognized and inserted at the cursor location. In addition, it has a freakingly awesome and easy-to-us macro ability that allows you to write a character or word and circle it to launch programs, web siter, open folders, etc.

I’m a maestro at using the TIP to input text, so I’m still getting used to inputting text in this manner…it works well, but I’m not quite as adept at it yet as I am at using the TIP, so I’m working with it. I will definitely do a Cafe Writer Tip on it down the road…

So anyway, I only have one copy…first person who requests it in the comments, gets it!

P.S. Oh, just so’s you know, the copy I’m using is fully paid for! I had the option of getting a refund or giving this away, and I thought I’d rather give it away. You see, the product is very impressive, and the developer is communicating with the community, soliciting feature requests, changes, and helping with problems. You can’t beat that with a stick…I so support that. I pay for all my software, cause I get how expensive it is to produce good software, and I’m very suspect of free software that’s advertising supported. My god, if we’re not careful, advertising will take over America! What? It has already? Damn!


Minda said...

Can I have it please? I'm surprised no one jumped on this immediately. Cliff maybe you should keep it and try it out. Heck you might love it! But if you'd rather not...pass it on along to me. :D

Clifford said...


Cool! I'm glad you got it(: Oh, I must have added my note clarifying after you read my post... I already have a copy of ritePen, and I'm getting used to it. Macros are so nice they'll make you smile, guaranteed. As for writing, the TIP is still faster and easier to edit for me, but in time...

Sending it right away...

Minda said...

I keep getting a error message when I try to email you from my gmail account. But the email is mrsyoakum@gmail.

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