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Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Google’s Terms

I’m writing this quick post from a Clarke’s, a charcoal broiler on El Camino in Mountain View. I used to come to this place regularly, when I lived in Sunnyvale. Nice, open atmosphere, grilled delights on the menu, and now, Wifi, via Google’s citywide wifi in Mountain View, their home. Once upon a time, they were going to provide free (ad supported and slow, but hey) wifi in San Francisco…but politics got in the way so we’re at the beck and call of individual business owners…

So Mountain View residents are lucky.

Anyway, I’m here because my mom is in the hospital down the street…and I just did an interview for a short-term writing gig. The job is for the city of SF as they work on a project that’s geared to reduce traffic congestion and enhance the city parks through a grant from the Feds. Hmm. Sure hope I get it, but I don’t have experience in this field. Anyway, whoever they choose will start on Monday and have to hit the ground running…they have two weeks to get the docs ready for the feds…

So I’m still looking…hard…as the only thing I’ve got is a gig that promises to start at the end of the month or the beginning of the next…but I no longer trust these things, so I look.

Okay, food’s here…gotta go.

1 comment:

Charles Gramlich said...

I hope your mom feels better soon.

Good luck with the job. I did some reports for the Mayor's office in New Orleans when I first came to teach here. It paid pretty well.

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