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Saturday, August 16, 2008

When it rains, things get wet

I'm home today, attempting to catch up on things after spending 14 days straight with my mom in the hospital...my sister is with her today, I return tomorrow.

So there were a number of things on my agenda...including some "me" stuff, like working a bit on my story for August and working on my programming. And all was going swimmingly, until the cats started fighting and I jumped, causing my water glass to tip and splash my keyboard! Not a lot of water, as the glass was nearly empty, but enough to cover most of the keys.

I turned the laptop over and then back, wiped it clean and remembered...it's a Thinkpad, with a spill-proof keyboard! Yippee!! So I checked beneath it, and no wather appeared around the spill hole, so as I suspected, it wasn't all that much water. I shut down the computer anyway, and dried it with a blow dryer, just to be sure.

And then I turned it back on.

Everything was fine...for about five minutes, and then it shut off. I freaked for a second, checked to make sure it looked perfectly dry, which it did, then turned it back on. Halfway through the boot process, it shut down.

Oh. My. God.

I tried again. This time, it wouldn't even boot and the lights for battery/etc. wouldn't come on. So I sighed, and then called Lenovo support. I'm covered for any mishaps until September 2010, so that's cool, but unfortunately, for accidental problems, it has to be shipped to them. They're sending me a box, which will arrive on Monday. I was told that the turnaround is generally 7 days. Man, I sure hope so. Cause even half a day is too much.

So now I have to work on my old tablet. My backup machine, which is not up to date in many ways. All of my machines are backed up on my server, so I won't lose anything, but it's a serious hassle. And a backbreaker, as my backup tablet, a Toshiba R-15, is a couple pounds heavier than the Lenovo. And man, it's running XP and I don't even remember how to run XP these days. Heh. Oh well, I'll make it somehow. Biggest thing is that I don't have my Outlook files on this machine so I can't follow up on the jobs that are in the works unless I can access my backup .pst file...and I need to recreate and find a lot of stuff. Oh, my head hurts! I need to replicate things on this backup machine a little more closely from now on...it needs to be a virtual copy. Arrgh. Okay, I'd better get to it...

Oh, one more thing...I've been playing with Live Mesh, and my current projects are stored there and replicated on all machines...so maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to find a little time to work on that story and my programming.

When it rains, it pours...

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