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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tablet trials

I’m still trying to get my tablet PC back to normal. You see, after the spill, I got it working again for a full day. Then, the next day, when I tried to boot it, it didn’t recognize the hard drive. No matter what I did, nada, so I had to call Lenovo. Because it was a spill, my accidental repair warranty went into play, but the 24-hour onsite thing didn’t…so they sent me a box. I called on a Wednesday, the box arrived on Thursday, and they received my tablet on Friday, repaired it (new motherboard and keyboard), and put it back into the mail the same day! Because it was now a weekend, the repaired unit didn’t arrive until Monday…man, quick, no?

So I turned it on, and it worked, but shortly after using it, I got a notice that the hard drive needed to be checked. I ran the complete check disk function, which took over an hour, and supposedly, it repaired the errors it found…but by the next day, I couldn’t get my machine to boot from the hard drive…I took it out, put in the old drive (which is smaller and nearly full) and it began working again. I called Lenovo, and they said they would replace it, but I declined, as they would replace it with the same size drive that the unit shipped with, and I didn’t want that as it was too small.

So Friday, I was on my way out to buy a new hard drive. Instead, I found one on the net and placed an order…but a couple hours later, I figured, since the drive was only a few months old, it was probably covered by a warranty. So I checked, and sure enough, it had a 5-year warranty (I should have know, as it’s a Seagate drive and a year ago I wrote quite a few pages on their website…and on most, I noted the warranty. Duh!). So the warranty has an express option, where they’ll send out a replacement before getting the old one back, for a small fee of $20. They’ll also choose a 1 to 2-day delivery schedule…so I bit, and my replacement drive should be here on Tuesday, or more likely, Wednesday. I don’t know WHY my repairs always go out on a Friday, so I end up having to wait longer, but hey, that’s life. I will be GLAD when the replacement arrives and I can get my system back to normal. I’m missing a number of things that have been done over the last few months that I’m not going to be able to recover until the drive arrives. Hurry. Just hurry (:


Charles Gramlich said...

Glad it was under warranty. That will help a bunch I'd guess.

Clifford said...

Hell yeah. Can't afford another unforeseen expense until I'm employed again!

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