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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cat Poop Councilor (Cpc)

Heh. With my last post, I finally piqued a couple erstwhile reader’s interest in possibly following me down the rose and vermiculite scented path of the enlightened catboxless. They’re still sitting on the proverbial pot (quite nicely, I might add), but if they, or any of my other readers decide to dip their toes into this particular cesspool, I’m here, at your disposal, as your personal Cat Poop Councilor. It’s not an offer that I make lightly, nor one that’s designed to last, so grab the handle, if you will, and begin flushing!

Things around here are about to get dirty…


Kate S said...

Oh, I love a professional man. ;)

spyscribbler said...

LOL! Just two days ago, I was knocking around the internet, trying to decide whether I would teach my kids (cats, I mean) to use the toilet. I have four, and the only place for the litter boxes are in my bedroom. Ugh!

Yesterday, I blogged about it, and today, Kate stopped by and sent me your link! Very cool.

Clifford said...


I'm thinking I need an official uniform, now. Let's see, a brown jumpsuit, black boots, and a bright yellow belt...


Welcome! And I'm so with you on the ickiness of bedroom boxes. Been there, really, and it's not pretty. But it can be!

Clifford said...


Just realized you said you have 4 cats! Now, I've trained two at a time (twice, actually), and it's pretty doable, but four. Wow, that's got my head spinnin just thinking about it. Possible? I think so. But I would suspect that by the time you've completed the process, well, people might not like to spend much time in your presence as you will have FREAKED! Heh. If it were me, would I attempt it? In a heatbeat, but some folks question my sanity. I'm just saying...

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