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Saturday, September 13, 2008

FREE Friday Stuff!!! (On Saturday)

Okay, you know the drill…first one who says gimme in the comments gets it. So what do I gots to give away this time? Hmm…I got a couple of used goodies from GottaBeMobile.com. Great site, great guys, great kindness. Got em for just being a regular visitor / commentor. The stuff is used, so be warned.

  • iPod Shuffle (1GB version, I think)
  • Ottercase (small, waterproof case for your goodies…probably 5 inches by 3 inches, if memory servers)

So that’s it for this Friday’s edition. LIke I said, if you wants, you gotta let me know.


synergy boy said...

I'll take 'em both! Thanks!

synergy boy said...

That's totally cool, btw. I was thinking just the other day that I really need an mp3 player, but cashish is a bit hard for that for now. So this is awesome.

You are full of the stuff that rules!

Clifford said...

Excellent!!! Good reason to get together for coffee, me thinks! And it'll save me some postage money. Righteous!

syzygy13 said...

So, Tuesday or Wednesday would work well for me, for sure. I get off at 3:30pm, and could be almost anywhere in the city by 4:30pm. Do you want to try for "On the Corner" again?

Oh, and I now have a blogger account, as you can see. hee!

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