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Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Used to Be a Superhero

I used to be a superhero,

Nobody could hurt me,

Not even myself,

You were like a phone booth,

That I somehow stumbled into,

Now look at me,

I am just like everybody else,

I am just like everybody else.

--from "Superhero" by Ani DiFranco


synergy boy said...

niiiiice! oh, she is brilliant.

Clifford said...

She SCARES me with her brilliance, man. I need to establish an alter to her creativity. Man, I've probably learned as much from listening to how she crafts her songs as from any of my favorite authors.

synergy boy said...

it sounds like your 'alter' to her creativity has been well established and is quite wide and wooly. ;)

yeah, she's heartbreaking and uplifting. crazy.

Clifford said...

Heh. So you've seen the altar. Heh.

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