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Sunday, September 14, 2008

My first ring creation…twice

Hard Hat Area: First draft ahead…

Excerpt from my April 2008 story, “The Grove, A Tale of the Shadow Walkers”

The Waker’s face is hidden deep in the shadow of his robe’s dark cowl.He wears green leather gloves on long thin hands. The shade of the leather does not match the robe, but comes close enough. On his left hand, on top of his glove, he wears a silver ring. The ring has a recessed full moon bisected by an eye. The eye has a golden gem for a pupil that glistens in the early afternoon sun.

Margot looks at the ring rather than up into his cowl. She made that mistake earlier, when they first met, and a wave of revulsion washed over her. She reached out, trying to push back at something that wasn’t there as her head spun and her stomach rolled. He didn’t seem to notice. Or care. And waited silently for her to regain her composure.

“That’s it,” she said. “Both psychics saw her running. Saw the trees. Saw her… stop.”

The gold eye in the ring twinkled. She felt like it was looking at her. Returning her gaze for him.

And here’s the ring I created, based on the story



Sidney said...

That looks pretty cool. Nice work on the creation with words and the realization of the notion as another form of art.

syzygy13 said...

totally nifty man. very cool that you took it from one realm and created it in another. i like that it went from a 'virtual' world into the 'real,' but it would have been cool the other way around too. in a different way.

Clifford said...

Thanks guys. Twas fun.

syzygy13 said...

btw - pretty good for a first draft. I figure, a stiff felt bowler ought to do it. ;)

Kate S said...

So cool - wring and story! You've got me hooked from just the excerpt.

Hey - I just remembered - weren't you going to write a short story per month this year?

Kate S said...

Umm... RING that is. Am one hand typing as cat is sleeping in the other.

Clifford said...

Thanks S'boy and Kate...and yeah, Kate, that was/is the plan. I've got 9 stories in the hopper, one about half done, and another in the plotting stages. Last month or so have been NON-PRODUCTIVE though, so I have to muster up my mojo somehow...wish me luck.

Kate S said...

Good luck. :)

Days later and the cat still hasn't moved....

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