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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New blog alert! New blog alert!

Hey, just got twittered upon by Archiwiz that she’s launched a brand spanking new baby – a blog devoted to doodles made on tablets. Yeah, Archi! Woo hoo!

Here’s the link: www.tabletdoodles.blogspot.com. There’s only one entry right now, but the sky is the limit! If you have tablet, you must travel! Those of you who don’t, you need to get your fanny over them and ooh and ahh at the accidental art that will be displayed there.

And lest I forget, you should visit Archiwiz’s regular blog…a handwritten masterpiece called To Fit or Not To Fit (that is the question). You can visit this long-standing oasis on the net at: http://www.archiwiz.blogspot.com/ Tablet written goodness, for sure!


archiwiz said...

LOL...Thanks Cliff. Its open for all tableteers. U know I actually considered naming it "To doodle or not to doodle."

archiwiz said...

Do you think I should change the name? I thought I typed Tablet Doodles, not Tablet Doodlesz.

Clifford said...

Lol! I wondered about that disconnect, but no, I like the 'z' at the end...

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