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Saturday, September 27, 2008

OneNote Tip #27

Okay, this has been bothering me for a long time, and I just stumbled upon the solution.

SCENARIO: You’re working on a project and you need to take notes. In this example, I’ll use a Word file (my current short story). So I click on the OneNote icon in the tray and a SideNote pops up. SideNotes are special OneNote pages…they stay always on top so your can work on your project, in this case a short story, without having to switch windows when you want to jot down  a note…it just stays there for you. Groovy, no?

PROBLEM: When you close your SideNote, the note is filed in the UNFILED section of OneNote. The next time I work on that story, if I open the SideNote, I get a new, blank note, not the one I was working on. But I want that one. I could go into full OneNote mode (expand the SideNote and it magically becomes the full monty) and find it, but it’s not longer a SideNote and doesn’t stay on top. In the past, I’d select the text and paste it into a new SideNote and begin anew. Not simple or practical.


When you open a new SideNote, there’s a little drop-down menu at the end of the tool bar – click it! Among other tools, you’ll find a backward and forward arrow, that allows you to page through your Unfiled Notes until you find the one you create before and you can continue on, as before.

OneNote Tip

IMPACT: If you’re like me (isn’t everyone?), you’ll be grinnin from ear to ear and forehead to chin. Yeah, it’s that’s good (: Oh, you’re welcome!


archiwiz said...

LOL...I still haven't gotten around to getting MindManager, so this will wait till next year for me...:D...Anyways, I LOVE that background you're using.... Absolutely fabuloso...beautiful...:)

Clifford said...

Hey archiwiz,

It is a pretty cool background -- I'm partial to green, though. Can't remember where I found it, but if you semd me an e-mail so I have your e-mail, I'll send it to you. It's one of those backgrounds that works well in portrait mode, too.

Anonymous said...

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