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Monday, October 06, 2008

Back to life…

Zune 8 I got back from Redmond on Friday evening…took the Bart/bus from the airport so while I saved money, well, it was a long, yet oddly pleasant, trip home. Now, all trained-up and ready to go, I’ve got a boatload of things and thangs to do before I begin work in earnest on Wednesday.

The trip, while busy, was pretty much a good time all around.

And the toys…Microsoft wasn’t exactly stingy. More on that later.

Right now I’m feeling buried. Here are some of the things and thangs on my list:

  • Paperwork for work and the rental
  • Clean the nasty stinky apartment
  • Laundry
  • Hang with John Waters (Yeah!)
  • Study Windows Media Center / HD issues
  • Review notes
  • Study C#
  • Attend lesson with tutor
  • Banking (what money?)
  • Finish setting up new phone
  • Finish short story
  • Meditate (8 minutes per day, baby!)
  • Return phone calls
  • Grocery shop
  • Create

It’s Monday, 2:14, only one French Fry left on my plastic tray and my cola is down to the melted ice dregs. Time to get my butt in gear.

1 comment:

layer said...

does this mean you've read the book 8 minute meditaiton? i recently bought it. now just need to get moving on it...

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