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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day 1

I'm sitting in Kaju, a coffee shop on California Street, drinking orange juice and having finished a breakfast croissant. When I leave a large cup of coffee will accompany me.

It's day 1 you see of a new gig. As an evangelist, a pusher, and a geek. Okay, that last part isn't true -- I've always been a geek.

As with all jobs, there's trepidation. Will this work out for me? Will the technology buoy me to success? Will the drive piss me off as much as drives tend to piss me off? Will conforming to a regular schedule play havoc with my identity? Will standing all day, talking about Microsoft and Widows technologies elevate me to a here-to-for unheard of level of geekiness? Will I care?

I'm wearing a thin hoodie over my Microsoft shirt (logo on front breast pocket and rear left shoulder -- coming and going) right now. No need to telegraph, right?

Still waiting to hear on the PT writing gig that may accompany this venture and make my tricky life trickier still for a while (it's supposed to last 5-8 weeks).

9:24 am. My hours are 11:30 - 7:00. 


syzygy13 said...

Dude! You just got off work. How did it go? Zombie folks coming in with questions? Or easy peasy? Fun, or dun, or both or all?

nosey betches want to know. ;)

Clifford said...
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Clifford said...

How was it? Strange. And good, in a way. And busier than I'd expected. And easier. Got a lot of folks who were trepidatious about Vista, but after giving them a ride, I actually heard a couple of them say "wow". Even wowed a guy into buying a tablet for himself and his wife (but the store was fresh out of them). Interesting. Folks I'm working with are all geeks so I feel strangely at home. In a nutshell, despite some technical glitches I'm dealing with now, easier and busier than I'd thought...and the holiday isn't even here yet. Hmm...

syzygy13 said...

Coolio. I'm glad that it seems doable and not too crazy. Of course, it was just the first day, but it bodes well.

You tablet maniac! You've convinced me. As soon as Apple has one (and I can afford it) I'm there.

Sidney said...

Really, can one attain too high a level of geekiness?

Clifford said...


Good question. I'm still pondering it. I'll let you know as soon as I do.

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