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Monday, October 06, 2008

John Waters: This Filthy World – Dirtier and Filthier

john waters Just got back from seeing John Waters: This Filthy World – Dirtier and Filthier on stage at The Castro Theater. What a freaking blast! I was invited by Synergy boy and got to hang with him, his lovely wife, his bro-in-law, and their fabulous friend, so the night had to be good. Then John came on stage and the good night got even better. He was bawdy and funny and bawdy and sincere and amazingly spry. I’ve only seen two of his films – Polyester and Pecker – and now I want to see them all. Even Hairspray, and I don’t do musicals. At all. So that says something.

He ended his one man show with a question and answer session that ended with him making this profound statement about his success:

“I define success as being able to buy whatever books you want without looking at the price, and not having to be surrounded by assholes.”

My god, did he nail it or what? john waters


Charles Gramlich said...

Not having to be surrounded by assholes. I like it.

syzygy13 said...

He nailed the *&%$ out of it, yes he did. And then Divine rolled in it, wore it, and ate it. And the farmer's wife stayed inside all day long.

sexy said...


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