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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The joy of being unattached

2008-10-23-51685 Most manufacturers are adding web cams to their laptops these days. My work Fujitsu has one, for instance. But my personal machine, Eleanor2, doesn’t, so I had to purchase a clip-on one. One more thing to carry, I thought, morosely when I purchased it. But you know, as I just got done using it, I realized something. The clip-ons are really quite practical. In addition to clipping it to the top of the lid so that I can teleconference, I can clip it on so it’s pointing AWAY from me, so I can easily video/photograph things around me while still being able to see the screen. Of course, with the Fujitsu, which is also a tablet, all I have to do is swivel the display, but then I won’t be able to see what I’m recording.

Hmm…maybe I’ll just get used to carrying this camera around in my gear bag!


syzygy13 said...

Yeah. I *love* having mine right in the Macbook, and that way I don't have to worry about compatibility issues, or it getting whacked, or crushed or any of that stuff. Or carrying it around.

Buuuut...the whole "being able to point it anywhere you want and still look at the screen" thing is pretty damn cool, I must say. Pretty picture, by the way! Is that out front of Curious Coffee? And hey, I had heard that Fields, on Polk, was gone. It was an occult / metaphysical bookstore. Do you know if the one in your picture is that one? Or some other type of bookstore, just with the same name?

Clifford said...

My cam is pretty tiny and the cord is short because it's made for laptops, so it's easier to use and to carry around than I'd expected. The flexibility is nice...and the options. Mine came with a groovy, zippered box to carry it in (:

Yeah, I stepped outside the shop and took that snapshot, and you guessed it, that's THE Fields bookstore, alive and kicking. In fact, they're the ones who ordered the Jordorowsky Tarot deck from France for me. Yeah, Fields! I think they also offer metaphysical classes, too.

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