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Monday, October 27, 2008

One more story to go…

Last night, about 1 am, I finished my 11th short story of the year. Yeah, really. One to go and I’ll have made it. I’m pretty stoked about it, especially since I may actually do a Nano Novel in November…but don’t tell anyone, because that’s an on-again/off-again venture if there ever was one. Still waiting to see if the part-time writing gig materializes. Not counting on it, but the way my life goes, it’s sure to happen within 24-hours of committing to Nano and there’s no way I can do both and exit November with even a modicum of my suspect sanity in tact.

Anyway, back to the stories. Yeah, I’m pretty happy with my progress as I’ve actually begun the last story of the year. Got a few hundred words already penned. At the beginning of 2007, when I made this my plan for 2008, well, I didn’t know the many roadblocks that 2008 would throw my way. Despite them, it looks like I’ve made it (did I just jinx myself?), so right now I’m grinning like a fool. Heh. Simple pleasures for simple folk.

Okay, my last story is just a nugget of an idea so far…but here’s the best passage:

“Sorry,” I mumble apathetically. I do ennui well. Although, at a certain point, I suspect practiced ennui becomes the real thing.

Okay, that’s not much, is it? But I have faith that before long it’ll roll itself up into something. I would love to complete the final story before Nano begins, but will likely need to focus on a plot outline for my Nano novel this year, which, assuming it happens, will be a sequel of sorts to one of my monthly stories…featuring a nasty, mad magician.

I’m earmarking December for revising at least a few of the stories I wrote this year and to submitting the bad boys.


syzygy13 said...

Hmmm, I think your sanity is definitely a suspect. Now you just have to keep it out of the hoosegow!

So, I'm jealous, mister. I am *way* behind. Poo! It's only a little poo, though. I have been doing quite a lot, and am still, so I shouldn't give myself too hard a time. However, I do still intend to finish this up this year - even if it's a manic run in December!

And I knew you'd do Nano if there was any way! I think I may sign up, and then if I get laid off and I don't have another job toward the end of November, just pound the puppy out. It's a nice fantasy, anyway.

Congratulations, my friend! You are an inspiration, and no mistake. Keep it up!

Clifford said...

Ah, the thing about life is that change is always afoot. You've got another thang going on right now, a cool, creative, awesome, risky, worthy, wonderful, just-damn-right kind of thing taking up your creative candle right now, so don't go feeling like this is undone...what you've done so far is more than you'd likely have done, and now you're stretching in other dirctions. As long as you're being creative, the world is a very wonderful place my friend.

Sidney said...

That was a great goal. Glad it's coming together. I applaud you.

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