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Monday, October 27, 2008

Philz good…

2008-10-27-66240I’m in Philz cafe right now…the Castro tiny hole of a place. The barrista is the same one who was here last time. She’s an Ani DiFranco fan, played her the entire time I was here last time, which was both wonderful and a little difficult. You see I can’t listen to Ani and write –- I sing along, which is scary to most people and animals within earshot.

Anyway, I’m back. Drinking and hanging out here for a few more minutes until rush hour is over (buses are HIDEOUS SMELLY HELLACIOUS HELL-SPAWNIAN DISTOPIAS during rush hour -- think Twister on a merry-go-round) before I head home.

Drinking a cuppa Tesora with cream. Mmm…mmm…good. Oh man, I need to take a quarter pound home with me. Really, I do, but I have some really nice Kona to finish that a friend bought for me in Hawaii, so I shall resist (the Kona is pretty groovilicious in its own right, so I’m not exactly depriving myself. Heh.).


Charles Gramlich said...

Tesora, Kona? I don't even know what half these words mean. What language are you speaking dude?

Clifford said...

lol! The language of love, my man! Dip into a dark roast and you won't come up for breath!

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