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Sunday, November 02, 2008

2008, we knew you well...

It's 2:14 a.m. and I just finished the last story of 2008. I made it, a couple days later than I'd planned, but I made it. I'd be celebrating right now, but I'm exhausted. Well, I guess I'll stay up another couple minutes and write the first sentence of my 2008 NanoNovel. You see, earlier today I decided that I would do it, seeing as I only had one story to complete to finish my story-a-month-2008-challenge.

And here's the thing. I'm a bad luck magnet. I'm supposed to hear something about the potential part time job in a couple days (or longer). I figure if I don't do Nano, I won't get the job or it will be delayed for like the 11th time (but who, my dear, is counting?) and I'll be pissed for having let the 10th Anniversary of Nano slip by without my participation. On the other hand, if I decide to do it, I'm GUARANTEED to get the job, derailing my Nano plans. So, since I really need the job (and really want to do Nano), I figure I should just go ahead and take the plunge...because that will guarantee the part time job will come through sometime this month.

Okay, that's crazy logic, maybe even superstitious sounding, but I'm certain it will work. And if it doesn't, I'll end the month with a nanonovel. Man, sometimes, if you look at life from the right angle, things have a way of working themselves out...


Charles Gramlich said...

Your logic sounds impeccable to me. I know that whenever I take on another writing task my work job suddenly piles up. It's inevitable. Good luck on job and nano.

Sidney said...

The proverbial when it rains it pours scenario. I have more than I can do these days, and a lot of it's stuff I want to do. Oh well.

spyscribbler said...

Do both!

I agree with Charles, your logic is impeccable. :-)

Kate S said...

Yep. It makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately. :)

(BTW - congrats on finishing up your 2008 project - great job!)

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