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Monday, November 03, 2008

Rainy day Mondays always make me smile


I'm sitting near the window, working, as the rain splatters down. The window to the left of this one is open so the sounds of the rain and distant traffic are calming.

Yeah, the rains have arrived. Got caught in it earlier as I took Eleanor2 to DHL so she can go back to Lenovo for some surgery -- when she returns to me, she should be good as new.

Rain is supposed to be depressing...but you know, to me it's rejuvenating. It makes things grow, and green, and alive. I like the rain. Quite a bit. But I will need to find my umbrella. Today's rain isn't too bad and in fact, after going to the DHL drop-off point, rather than coming straight home, I braved it and walked a couple blocks to an Irish bakery for some soda bread and a couple shortbread cookies.

Good move.

I ate some of the cookies with my coffee and they were fantastic. I know, they're like made for tea, but coffee works too.

Yeah, rainy Mondays...


spyscribbler said...

Rainy days make me want to sleep, they're so relaxing. :-)

Charles Gramlich said...

I love rain too. It is cleansing on a dirty world.

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