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Monday, November 17, 2008

Really, I didn’t!


Sidney said...


Kate S said...

Umm... okaaaaayyyyyyyyyy :)

syzygy13 said...

oh, totally awesome! there she is...our girl, in all her glory.

you know, actually pussing...er, i mean, *pushing*...her button, well - i think that disqualifies you for "i didn't mean to..."

but then, you knew that. ;)

Clifford said...


it's my animal magnetism at play, lighting her up from the inside out. By the way, Aurora says she missies you, so I've promised her eventual return. It makes her glow (:

archiwiz said...

LOL... But you did...

archiwiz said...

Oh hey, I finally bit the bullet and bough MindManager. Now I need a tutorial apart from the ones on their site... pretty please....:D

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