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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The big sink

A friend of mine is arriving Thursday evening. His plane arrives late, so I'll pick him up after work. He will be visiting until Tuesday. We plan to just hang out and be for a few days as both of us need some serious down time. I'm approaching his visit with equal parts anticipation and anxiety.

Hanging and chatting and being is what I love best, what I get too little of, what refuels the jet pack for another day. This friend and I know how to shoot the shite like nobody's business. That's the anticipation part.

But it gets harder and harder to just be all the time, and that makes me anxious. I've even created a list of bars and museums and cafes and stuff to do if we fail. If we just have to be some place at some time before the clock strikes done. You know what I mean?

I fear the rat race is all there is.


syzygy13 said...

Hell, yes. Today, I went out with a friend to walk her dog. Before she was ready, I went over to her place and sat on the bench out in her front yard and just soaked up the sun. You know how long it's been since I've done that? If you do, let me know, because I don't.

At any rate, I really hope you guys have fun. A visit from an old friend for a few days sounds fab. Are you taking time off work?

We should hang and shite-shoot soon, too! ;) Of course, this weekend's packed for me too - how can I be not working and be so busy? Maybe in a few weeks?

Clifford said...

@synergy boy,

Heh. You know, while I was running today I noticed the sun was out and how good it felt on this brisk, winter day. But I didn't really have the chance to stop in it.

Maybe this weekend?

Taking 3 days off and butting them up against my weekend, so yeah, taking time off to hang with him. Don't know what we're going to be doing really -- that's the point -- but maybe our down times will coalesce (sp?) and we'll be able to get together...in fact, I'll throw this out to you, but I know how packed your weekends are: WWDs. Yeah, we arranged his visit around it, so we'll definitely be there. If you find yourself navel noticing around that time Saturday, join us!

Oh, and I've got the Xbox up and running, so that's a must too (:

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