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Monday, January 19, 2009

Windows 7 Tablet PC

windows7 I'm writing this post on my tablet, running the recently released beta of Windows 7. I know, it's a beta and I shouldn't be running it on my main machine, but all I'd heard was good stuff about it so I had to give it a spin. I set up a dual boot situation and allotted Windows 7 twenty GB of space.

It's running really well so far. Here are A few quick observations.

  • Speed appears about the same as Vista, though it feels a little faster going in and out of sleep
  • Damn pretty. I like the look of Vista, but this feels more refined and desktop themes are a nice touch
  • Still need to install Lenovo-specific drivers, but nearly everything is working well
  • Install took about 35 minutes and was painless and simple
  • Another bump in handwriting recognition. New TIP is sweet; goes transparent when not in use so you can see doc beneath and recognition happens inline in near real time

Yeah, really digging it. Everything is so smooth. Probably too soon to go Windows 7 full time, but close. I don't want to switch back. Evolution of the TIP will make tablet users smile.

Finally, it feels so close to done that I'm sure Microsoft plans to release it early (i.e. 3rd qtr 2009).

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