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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Heart 3-D

28_d__0_MyBloodyValentine3DI just got back from seeing My Bloody Valentine 3D. How was it? Funny you should ask. Hmm. This one is tricky. You see, I LOVE a good 3D flick, I really really do. And maybe, just maybe, that love clouds reality a bit, making my opinion suspect to those who claim good taste. What I can tell you, with the authority vested in me by those who should know better, is that this is one BLOODY Bloody Valentine. And that the acting is deservedly bad, the dialog silly and bland, the acting wooden and gleefully over the top, the direction pretty damn good, the murders sinfully gross, the jutting-into-your-personal-space scenes spare yet effective.

And the 3D? Sublime. Not since Friday the 13th Part 3D has as much care been put into the exploitive nature of 3D. This is one for the history books, my friends. While, for the most part, the flick is suspense and nuance free, it does manage to surprise you a bit (well, at least me) with the ending.

You should go see this one. Really.

Grade: B+


Charles Gramlich said...

gleefully over the top will sometimes carry a movie for me. I watched WAnted last night and it was a bit like that. Jolie's performance enhanced it a lot.

Clifford said...

Wanted was bid, noisy, and dumb, but never a dull moment (:

This one is a lot of fun in a similar vein, but you MUST see it in 3d. 2d would likely suck.

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