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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I’ve been Zuned!

Okay, right now I’m listening to a meditation class. From Australia. On my computer.

You see, a few minutes ago I ran Windows Media Center on my computer. My intent was to set it up so that it would add my Zune library to my Media Center. So I opened the program, and strangely, it was already done. There were all my Zune songs (predominantly subscription songs), ready for me to enjoy. Then I noticed something strange.

There were songs there, at least 40, that I’d never heard of before. So I began deleting them. Aside from a handful of Xmas tunes (I HATE Xmas music), I began to notice that the songs looked…interesting. Again, I’d never heard of any of the musicians, but nearly all of them were odd and seemingly right up my ally. They were single tunes predominantly, so this represented about 35 different CDs. I swear, I’ve never seen them before or heard of the artists even, but there they were…and they were interesting.

I’m anal, and since I didn’t download them, I began deleting them…then I stopped at a trance CD and played the single, and well, it was pretty damn good. Then I found what I’m listening to now, and well, I can’t delete it yet either. And then I kept another…

Okay, this is really freaking me out. Really. I figured at first that it is some kind of “people who liked CD X also liked…”, but it’s just so odd…it’s like Zune is totally talking to me, and directing me, and it’s freaking me out.

Okay, back to meditation class…

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