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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shut up and write!

Okay, I’m sitting in Crossroads Cafe on Delancey Street. In about 30 minute, a weekly event called “Shut Up and Write” begins. The concept: a group of writers meet once a week to, well, write. That’s it. Yeah, there’s a break in the middle to check in, but the idea is to hunker down and just create.

This is my first meeting and I’m working on my novel edit…more later…


Carlos Ferrao said...

I will look into running something like this in London. Have been doing a lot of the ancillary activities and not enough of actual pen to paper, fingers to keys, writing lately.

Clifford said...

Cool. I found them using a service called "Meetup.com". It's all about getting people with common interests together...I've also signed up for a horor movie group.

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