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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The zombies are coming!!!

51nDch1C hL._SS500_[1] Tonight was writer’s meeting, and one of our founding members, Scott Browne, had more good news.

First, on March 3, his novel, Breathers, is going to be released. It was the first novel workshopped in the current iteration of our writer’s group. Last year, he found an agent for it, who sold it to a division of Random House in less than 2 weeks, and today he announced that Fox Searchlight is buying the film rights!

Oh yeah, and he’s decided to quit his day job as of next Friday.

And lest I forget, Breathers kicks ass. Serious ass. But don’t take it from me, both Publisher’s Weekly and Kirkus Review gave it rave reviews.

Dreams really do come true.


Sidney said...

That's fabulous! Looks like an interesting book.

Clifford said...


I guarantee you will LOVE this one. Seriously!

layer said...

so exciting! have to say, i knew when i read that draft that he had something. can't wait to read the final (and see it on the big screen).

Clifford said...


Did you get an invite to the coctail party for the release on the 3rd? If not, come with me! Need to see you again -- soon!

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