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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

To donut or not two donut

I’m heading for Scott’s cocktail party shortly…but before I go, I stopped off at the donut shot for a cup of hazelnut coffee and a donut. As usual, the coffee is great and so are the donuts (okay, I got two – so sue me!).

The crowd is as noisy and boisterous as ever. The feel of community is cemented as a guy at my table strikes up a conversation with a guy at another table…then gets up and walks over to them to continue the discussion.

Everyone is Asian, so I can’t understand what’s being said. That’s no problem though, as the camaraderie is thick in here and the good will/feelings is palpable. Community. You’ve got to love it.

Okay, a guy at my table just asked about my computer, my Aircard, the fact that I’m using a computer made in China (Lenovo)…and finally, asked if I could run a geography program his buddy have, to prove it’s in high def. I would have, but I don’t have a CD drive on this tablet! Hah! The funny thing is, this is the first time, maybe ever, when not having a CD drive with me was an issue. A minor issue, mind you, but an issue. The decision to go without a CD on tablets (and the Mac Air for that matter) really is a non-issue. CD are soon to be a thing of the past.

Okay, time to get down to some work before I head out…

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