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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blue Coffee: Cafe Visit #87

IMAGE_002 This morning, before going to work, I stopped for coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee in Hayes Valley. I’d heard that Blue Bottle was coffee to die for, and since I love coffee to die for, well, it had been on my list ever since I heard about it. I arrived around 8:30 am this morning, and there was a line. The shop has no seating…it’s actually located in an alley…and, well, it’s a converted garage.

So, was this the real deal or was it one of those overhyped “finds” that we all love to find. I got in line to find out. There were like a dozen people in front of me, so the wait was appreciably long, causing the anticipation to rise. I bought an iced New Orleans coffee flavored with chicory and an olive oil shortbread cookie.

First the cookie. Delicious. Very lightly flavored with olive oil, so there was but a whisper of an aftertaste. Definitely a 10.

Now, the coffee. Hmm. I like iced lattes. I really do. And this iced coffee while tasty, wasn’t really that special. The chicory gave it a mocha flavor, and I’m not all that moved by mochas. In fact, I like my coffee coffee flavored, thank you very much. Heh. Anyway, the iced coffee was good, and probably would be even more good on a rare, hot day. So, while I’m not ready to give Blue Bottle the heads up, it at least deserves a nervous tick motion of the head to the left. I’ll visit again and try something else before making a final judgement.


syzygy13 said...

You know, it's my understanding that the guy who owns Blue Bottle is married to the woman who owns
Miette Confiserie. There's three of them in town, and one is just across the little park, there, on Octavia. They're at:


Good to know how Blue Bottle plays out.


Clifford said...

Oh my, I've had one of their lime tarts and well, the pleasure was almost too great to stand. Expensive? Yeah, you bet. Worth it? Oh man, is it.

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