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Monday, June 08, 2009

Hated it!


I just got back from hanging out with good friends. We began the evening by going to see UP. Fortunately, good pasta and good company saved what could have been a disastrous evening out!

Okay, I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority here, but for what it’s worth, this is the worst animated movie I’ve seen in YEARS. On Facebook I summed it up as: maudlin, pedantic, and dull.

Animation: Ranged from good to insipid. Overly cute and stylized characters melted away the human story they were trying to develop. Of course, they’ll likely make cute dolls for your Happy Meal.

Story: Using a heavyset Asian kid and an elderly guy as the main characters was laudable…making them dull clich├ęs though, not so much. The human story was negated by the decision to make the old guy as invincible as The Hulk on his best day. Stupid.

Sense of Wonder: Actually, this surprised me more than anything else in the movie. So much promise but all we ended up with was a spastic, painted ostrich with a chocolate festish. Bah!

3-D: Surprising lackluster. The best 3-D moment was the Disney Logo before the movie began…they ran it again at the end, which goes to show they knew where their strengths were.

Funny moments: Okay, let’s see. The dogs playing poker. No, that was slightly amusing, but funny? And then there was…oh, never mind.

Insufferable bits: Heavy-handed “we’re so in love I could spit” scenes, slow pace, action scenes that defied both human ability and wit, animation that was rather flat and uninspired. Weak 3-D. Dreary musical score. Worthiness for the sake of worthiness.

Final grade: D-

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