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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Meditating my butt!

Week three of the 8 Minute Meditation program has you noticing body sensations. This is day two for me, and today was surprisingly successful. Allowing your mind to notice body sensations unbiddeno was easier than I imagined. Did okay yesterday, too.

My mind did wander a bit, but I was able to let the thoughts go and return to noticing my body pretty easily. I plan to do this meditation again today, right before bed time.

Oh, I highly recommend this program, but I think it’s important to purchase the accompanying CD. You use the CD instead of an egg timer to keep track of how much time has elapsed, and every minute or so Victor Davich reminds you of your goal and tells you that if your mind is wandering, allow it, then return your attention to your body (or breathing, or whatever the goal of the week is).

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