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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Diner Chatter #1

Location: Jim’s Restaurant, The Mission, SF

Elderly Man #1: I was in line at the bank and this woman behind me said, “My, you’re hairy.” I told her that that’s what happens when you get old. Then she said, “Does your wife make you cut it.” I said, “I’m not married.” Then she said, “Can I see it?” I told her no. Nobody sees it but me.

Elderly Man #2: That must have ruined your day.

Waitress comes with food.

Elderly Man #2: That’s very messy…that’s not how they do it in French restaurants.

A few minutes elapses…diner noise makes it impossible for me to make out what they’re talking about, but it has something to do with computers and Yahoo. Then the waitress returns with more food. There is no gravy on the mashed potatoes…she laughs (I sense they’re regulars) and heads back to the cook.

Elderly Man #1: You’d better watch out…the Republicans might arrest you for indecency with those naked potatoes.

Snippets heard as I packed up to leave:

Elderly Man #2: … warts on your vocal cords. You wonder how they got there.
Elderly Man #1: He says in his gravelly voice (laughter).
Elderly Man #1: (referring to children and mom outside the window) They’re such nicely proportioned little people – they’re going to grow up like her.

Diner rating (out of 5 stars) 1.5

Food was sub par. Environment was dineriffic though.

1 comment:

Sidney said...

I love the line about the naked potatoes.

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