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Friday, December 15, 2006

Learning to crawl...

I'm learning to program. Okay, for the third time. Each time I've delved into this arcane science I've gotten my fill after a couple short but intense weeks. It's not something you can learn in a week I've found, it really isn't, and that sucks. I wanna. I wanna be scarfing down Twinkies and Jolt colas late into the night as my fingers fly over the keyboard, as I create variables and pointers and avoid recursive calamaties. I wanna make one and one add up to two. I wanna flip through APIs and know what I'm reading. I wanna be talking Alpa releases, Beta releases, and the inevitable version two with my cats.

I wanna do it all.


But I can't. I'm only 5 hours into a 24 -hour primer. I'm only scratching the surface of coding and simply flirting with object-oriented design concepts. I've only just begun. I'm a neophyte. A wanna-be. A poser.

Why oh why am I subjecting myself to this I hear you ask? And it's a good question. A question I've asked myself. I've got two reasons that make sense to me. One, I've been waiting for someone to code a version of my favorite word game, and you know what they say about "if you want it done right"? And second, it will look GREAT on my resume. Trust me -- guys and gals who know how to program have it pretty sweet in the field. Really. If I can say, "See this here game? This one, right here. I programmed it in my spare time. Just for kicks and to keep the wheels greased." Just typing that makes me smile.

So that's what I'm up to. One of the things. And it's getting hard. But I must persevere this time. I must trade my layabout tendencies for the dedication of the delusional. I must spit in the wind. I must forge ahead. I must do it this time. Just do it.

Hmm...okay, I'll keep you posted. Really. This time. For reals.

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