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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Come here, let me cough in your ear...

Okay, so I went back to work yesterday. My cold had passed the first of it's milestones...it was one week old. Precocious, no?

So it was kinda in a coughing stage, finally, but I'd always heard that you were no longer contagious after the first couple days of a cold, so I risked the health of others to try to meet a deadline at work.

Of course, yesterday was also special because we had a new employee starting, and it was her first day. So, get this, like an hour or so after she met me (and her cube is about 10 feet away), she began to cough. Randomly at first, and I could ignore it, but as the day wore on, the coughing intensified.

I swear, I gave her my cold.

Oh man, does the injustice never end?

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