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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wine and cheese ... and cheese?

goobers_home.jpgI'm an adult. I fully accept that. Really. It's my lot in life.

Last year a print I had on the wall (two photos -- a naked, hairless man covered with bees and a beautiful woman posing before her subservient elephant) fell off my wall for the third time with a thunk...revealing a huge expanse of empty wall space.

And it got me thinking. I'd been planning to purchase a larger monitor for my desktop computer, which is the tv I don't watch, my DVD player, and my stereo.

Could I, I wondered, get a projector and project my movies, tv I don't watch, and swirly media player patterns on my wall instead of opting for a new, larger display?

So it came to pass.

Now, every once in a while, I invite over friends and we watch flicks. The plan is, along with the movie, we'll have wine and cheese to munch and imbibe. Friends of mine often bring the wine, but I was just wondering...are popcorn and juju bes ever more appropriate? Is wine and cheese really Food Network-approved fare if you're watching Plan 9 from Outer Space or I Dismember Mama?

I'm an adult, right? I do adult things.

So I'm waiting for one of my guests to suggest it. To bring one of those big boxes of Dots to share. To break out the Raisinets and roll Jawbreakers across the hardwood floor.

Oh, life could be so grand!


Charles Gramlich said...

Beer and Cheezits is more my style.

Clifford said...

Charles, come on by! And make sure they're the bright, irridescent orange cheezits,cause the white cheese ones are just so wrong.

synergy boy said...

i think mama should be re-membered and stuck together with whatever is found under the seat. ;)

mitch and max to your heart's delight. i say, if your taste buds flower at the thought, go for it.

Clifford said...

Synergy boy,

You may live to regret those words! lol! How does Jolt cola and chocolate covered jaw breakers sound to ya?

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