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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Will the real JCO please stand up?

Okay, now that that’s off my chest (:

Speaking of which, I’ve always found JCO strangely sexy. Authors by and large aren’t a sexy lot, but JCO is definitely the exception.

Let’s see if that sets me free.


Charles Gramlich said...

In a very "guant" kind of way, maybe.

Clifford said...

Are you questioning my literary libido, Charles? That's insane, man.

synergy boy said...

"litbido," perhaps?

Clifford said...

@ synergy boy,

If I weren't completely tone deaf (well, maybe not completely), and I had a drum, and I knew how to play said drum, I'd do a rim shot right now. Er, at least I think they're called rim shots. Hmm. You'll just have to settle for a goofy chuckle.

Sidney said...

I would say in a Shelly Duval sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Very well. I'm back again, the same web-anonymous non-JCO JCO who started this whole non-JCO thing.

It's not my tragic bedroom eyes that light your wick, Clifford. I think rather it is those wonderful stolen afternoons we've shared -- me laying before you with my pages spread wide -- you, probing me gently ... thoughtfully.

The innocent, on-the-edge-of-violated female characters I present you have seized and seduced you.

Give in and enjoy!


Clifford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clifford said...

Anonymous non-JCO,

If you're really not the real JCO, you should be. I doubt she could come up with a more apt analogy of author appreciation.

You make me laugh.

(Oh no, what if you're not really the anonymous non-JCO of my dreams but yet another internet rascal?)

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