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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Diet derail!

Okay, confession time. You haven’t heard me talk about my diet in a while for a reason. Well, for the last couple months, I’ve been bad. Not Chucky bad, mind you, more like Louis in Interview with the Vampire…the guilt preyed on my mind as I slipped further and further away from the garden path. Excuses? You’ve heard em all, and mine are, well, mine. So let’s move on, shall we?
And where does that take us? Round two, of course. Now, mind you, the guilt made it possible for me to maintain rather than gain, but I haven’t lost anything since I began slip sliding away, so it’s time to jump on the diet train with both feet again.

I can do this. I’m resolute. I’m unanimous in this. I’m directed. Focused. Ready. Mentally strong (stop it!).

So today, right now, at 11:18 am, I’m letting the world know. I’m back, baby!


Sidney said...

Bes ot luck to you! I have some slacks that are fitting comfortably again after exercising and cutting way back on sodas, but this week I've been bad.

syzygy13 said...

go, man, go! i guess that means no double banana splits this afternoon, huh? ;) that's okay, i've been needing to do a similar thing for sure. i ain't never weighed this much before, and it's telling on me.

archiwiz said...

Mmmm...Good for you. I resolved to go the girdle and last meal 3 hours or so b4 bedtime. Hopefully I'll see results soon.... And yes you will look silly in a girdle so don't even go there. :)

spyscribbler said...

You go! I'm in the same boat. Good luck!

You don't mind if I wait until tomorrow to get back on board, do you?

Charles Gramlich said...

None of us can stay on a diet 100 percent of the time. Good luck.

Clifford said...


Congrats man...keep up the good luck, and send a little my way! As for cutting out sodas, I'm trying. Actually drinking diet Vernors and managing not to gag.

@Synergy Boy,

Hey man, great hanging with you as ALWAYS, though we should have stiffed the waitress for her inappropriate laughter! Skinny wench (:


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