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Monday, February 16, 2009

Marquis D’Massage

I’ve got TMJ, which, I guess I’ll have until I die. Not much I can do about it except reduce the stress in my life in order to manage it. I’m doing okay these days as I know the early warning signs.

Anyway, Walgreen’s was having a sale on one of those shiatsu massage chair inserts -- $39.99! Pretty amazing, so I bought one, thinking I can massage away some of the tension.

Does it work? Talk about REAL pain. This thing grabs and squeezes and just won’t let up. We’re talking tough love here, for real.

Now, for $39.99 you’re probably thinking that I should have known the damn thing would be more a cleverly-disguised implement of torture. Okay, fair enough, but it’s actually both. After enduring the pain (15 minute session), I feel better. Looser. Maybe even a wee bit invigorated. I know what you’re thinking now, that it’s all in my head and that this is an example of the “it feels good when I stop” syndrome, and yeah, in part it does, but I really do believe that it’s making a difference. Really.

Best $39.95 I’ve ever spent. Heh.

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