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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Revenge of the Donut

I walked into Peet’s a few minutes ago. I needed coffee. I needed a pastry. I needed a place to set up my computer and get a little work done while I sipped.

I also needed to do this cheaply.

It was the tiny macaroons, at $1.90 each, that made me decide that this was just too expensive a dalliance. A block away is a fairly large donut shop, one of the few remaining ones in the neighborhood, so that’s where I went.

So I walked in. Bought 2 donuts that just came out of the oven and were/are still warm. Bought a cup of hazelnut coffee I poured myself from the pot on the warmer.


The donuts are divine decadence. The coffee warm and nutty and just right. Of course, there’s no free wifi here, and no outlets for customers, but easy listening rock and roll is playing softly on the sound system and my laptop is charged, and right now, so am I.


The crowd in here is different. Paint splattered jeans, reading glasses, and even though there are quite a few others in here, I’m the only one that’s using a laptop.


Yeah, man, yeah.

Update: Using your inside voice isn't a requirement here. People are jabbering loudly, not caring who hears their business. Definite community gathering place feel here. I like.

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