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Friday, April 24, 2009

Don’t be hungry

I’m in the movie theater, waiting for Watchmen to start, and since I’m the ONLY one in the theater, I thought I’d take this downtime to blog about the pre-movie experience.

Okay, I ate before I came. Smart. But I wanted something to munch on. The theater is offering more food these days, but tell me, who pays $13.50 for three chicken strips and frys? Yowza! Do they realize that we’re in the midst of a depression?

Okay, there was just a quote on the screen: “The more I like me, the less I want to play someone else.” Jaime Lee Curtis. Hmm…okay, that was pretty deep for an actor.

So I digress. I’ve been meaning to get to Watchmen for a while…was trying to go with friends, but it just got a little too difficult to time my implusivity with their schedules. So here I am.

I’m still alone, but I’m really early. Previews won’t start for another ten minutes. Oh damn, a couple of guys just walked in. So much for my private showing. Oh well, oh hell, oh shucks.

Oh, I forgot my glasses and the rez is so high on this screen that I had to blow it up so I can see the screen…and see is a relative term. Heh.

Okay, the Movie Watcher program just began…oh wait,we’re getting a Fandango commercial. I’m so over their paper bag puppets. Move on.

Now there are about twenty people in the theater with me, and they’ve all chosen to sit near me. Jeezopete, am I like the center of the universe or what? Ah well, the illusion of a private showing is dead for sure now.


Nice. Not great, but very good. Comments and observations on human nature wrapped around a simple, yet effective, mystery. A little long, yet not long enough, if that makes sense. They could have done a little better job on defining the costumed vigilantes…it’s seems they were regular people who chose to dress up and clean up the streets, but there were too many instances that were at odds with this. Oh, and before I forget, the basic concept of this was STOLEN by the makers of The Incredibles. Sure, it was mostly just the concept of the heros and their place in society, but that’s a key element of this and stealing, even if you have fun with it, is stealing. Shameful.

SPOILER ALERT: Great missed opportunity…when the smartest guy in the world disassembles Dr. Manhattan, and doesn’t know that Dr. M can reconstitute himself, it made me wonder – is he really smarter than Dr. Manhattan? Isn’t he really the second smartest man in the world? And the missed opportunity? A chance to use his error to make a statement about being human – to be human is to make mistakes, so even the smartest man in the world will still make mistakes from time to time. Overall, I felt like a lot of the bigger ideas were a little unclear due to the compression of events into a 3 hour movie…but definitely worth talking about. Great post movie discussions probably came out of this one…

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