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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rubbing butts with strangers

Of all the indignities of riding SF Muni, the worst has to be rubbing butts with strangers. If you ride Muni you know what I mean as you’ve no doubt rubbed your share of unfamiliar butts.

If you haven’t, it goes like this. First they pack you in like sardines; people standing belly-to-belly and back-to-back in the aisle, while the driver bellows “Move back!” at every stop as he tries to shoehorn in another half dozen people. It’s a verbal cattle prod, but since it’s not the real McCoy, the cattle have caught on to the bluff. A couple people shuffle, moving a foot here and a foot there, but once you’re rubbing butts, the desire to acquiesce diminishes.

So here I am again. Riding the bus regularly, rubbing butts with people I’d rather not rub butts with as I move through the throng to the exit.

Life’s little indignities. Heh.


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